High School Athletes: Back to School Means Back to Sports

August 26, 2014

Now that school is back in session, chances are, if you have a student athlete, they’ve been back at practicing their sport for about three weeks.  Or, perhaps they’ve kept up with their practicing and workouts all summer. Either way, there are lots of things to keep in mind when transitioning from that summer vacation mindset back to their daily groove of studies and sports. Here’s some helpful information and tips to be mindful of from Matt Marshall, Director of Fitness at HHAC.

While on Vacation/During the Summer

  • Continue to train while you’re on vacation. Staying active by swimming, going for a hike or scenic run, sprinting in the sand or completing a bodyweight workout are effective workouts when you’re not at home or in your normal routine.
  • Remember that vacation ends when you return home. The quicker you can reestablish your routine and your workouts, the better. Don’t let vacation and some of its lazy habits linger on into the days and weeks.

Training Tips

  • Make sure that your training is relative to your developmental level, especially in young athletes.
  • Follow the proper progressions in training: Muscular Stabilization, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength and Power.
  • Train functionally by incorporating more than one body part in your movements.
  • Incorporate balance and single leg movement into your training routine.

Ways to Avoid Injury

  • Avoid overuse injuries by stretching and foam rolling.
  • Head into your season prepared and in shape.
  • Continue moderate exercise during the season to maintain strength and stability.
  • See your athletic trainer at the first sense of an annoying injury before it becomes a larger issue.

General rule of thumb?  Remember that training should occur a minimum of three times a week in order to create effective and efficient results.  We need to continually adapt, change and progress your workout to keep your body guessing what’s next.