Increase Pain Tolerance

Studies show that the more often you do a higher intensity cardio than usually, the more it helps to increase pain tolerance. It helps you to push through the next workout, not not mention keeps you bother free from aches and pains in your body.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame for Family Fun Month!

August 19, 2014

Have you done something fun with your family this month? If not, there’s still time to do so! August is dubbed National Family Fun month, so grab your loved ones and do something together. We know that summer is winding down and the kids are headed back to school, but there’s still plenty to do – even in your own backyard! Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health and doing activities with the ones you love is one way to boost good health.  Here’s a list of things to get you started:

  • Catch a York Revolution game at Santander Stadium. Games are scheduled now through September 14th. Go Revs!
  • Grow a garden. Peaches are in full swing right now. Teaching your family how to not only care for your food, but how to make food with fresh ingredients is a valuable lesson.
  • Play a round of miniature golf followed by some Italian ice or ice cream at Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe and Putt Putt at Heritage Hills Resort.
  • Go for a walk or a bike ride. There’s lot of trials in York to take advantage of including Rocky Ridge and the Heritage Rail trail.
  • Enjoy a family meal together while dining at Bogey Macaws American Grille in York, PA. Kids will love playing arcade games and jumping around in the Ballocity pit while parents enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of The Roost.
  • Help your kids get prepared for the school sport. Grab a football and go play a game of catch. Stay close during their sport practice by going for a walk around the track.
  • Go camping – even if it’s just a tent in your backyard.
  • A cold treat on a hot summer day occurs at the Turkey Hill Experience. This interactive visit will show grownups and kids alike about the ice cream making and dairy process.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and eat at a park. Enjoy the great outdoors while the warm weather lasts!

Let the Light In

Research has shown that those who soak up the early morning light have a lower BMI than those who get it later on in the day. Help let natural light in by opening your windows right when you wake up and workout outside.

Ways to Prevent Injuries

August 12, 2014

Whether you’re starting a new sport or getting back to exercising and group fitness, your body deserves to be taken care of. This includes everything from stretching pre-workout to learning proper form and technique to how to prevent yourself from injury.

One of the most important things you can do before starting anything new – sports or exercise – is to consult with your doctor. This evaluation can help spot any areas that may be of concern. It can also show areas that might be problematic due to past injuries or problems. Protect yourself and your body by wearing proper equipment like braces, eyewear, mouth guards and helmets. Everything should be in good condition – including your sneakers.

Before every workout, make sure you stretch and warm up! Take about 15 minutes by starting with a brisk walk (or other cardio exercise) that will raise your heart rate, followed by stretching. This will help to lengthen your muscles and decrease your risk of injury. And don’t forget to hydrate and eat properly. Skipping meals and training hard doesn’t do your body any good. It needs the nutrients.

As you start your exercise regimen or sport, remember that slow and steady wins the race. Build yourself gradually and don’t’ try to take on too much too soon. Increase the reps, the weight and intensity of each workout as you go. Injuries occur when you increase your workout intensity faster than your body is adapting to the change.

Incorrect technique is one of the most common ways that individuals get injured. Your body parts only move in certain directions; pay attention to your body as you’re doing your workout and aim for perfect form. Also, give your body time to rest. If you train too often, you can overuse certain muscles and not give them a chance to recuperate and grow.

If by chance you do get injured, take the time to rest. This gives the muscles and bones time to heal. Sometimes by continuing to exercise or play a sport while injured, can only make it worse. Follow the RICE rule – rest, ice, compression and elevation – which is the best way to treat an injury.