Massage Therapy: A Benefit to Your Health

October 28, 2014

Each year, the fourth week in October is recognized as Massage Therapy Awareness Week, a week dedicated to learning about the health benefits of massage.  There are many ways that massages can improve your health, including lowering your stress, a boost in your immune system and mental health, aiding in managing your pain levels and improving your fitness by reduced muscle tension and improvement on performance.

Research shows that massage therapy can have an effect on your mental wellbeing. Symptoms of stress and anxiety can often be affected in a positive way.  It suggests that massage therapy can help to reduce heart rate and systolic & diastolic blood pressure; decreased anxiety in cancer patients; and a lower risk of anxiety and depression in veterans. Have lower back pain? Massage therapy is also effective for those suffering with this ailment, reducing the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat it.

In the exercise and sport world, there are millions who partake in physical activity – from walking on their lunch break to pro athletes.  A sports massage can be given to help an athlete improve their performance and speed up their recovery, while all participants can see an improvement in their conditioning and maintain their performance.  Many colleges, universities and sports teams have a massage therapist on staff to aid their players for various reasons. Additionally, this type of massage can also promote relaxation, increase range of motion, reduce swelling and possibly help reduce the risk of injury.

If you’ve never experienced a massage, try one out and see if you reap the benefits from it.  You might notice certain affects to your body and your muscles versus others (we’re all different!).  And if you do see a massage therapist regularly, thank them.  We often don’t consider massage therapy as a health benefit, but should because of the advantages we can receive from them.