Personal Training

With a variety of personal training options, we can help you select which is the best fit for you! Our trainers are held to extremely high standards.

Each trainer must hold one of the four top nationally accredited personal training certifications, have two+ years of experience and/or a college degree. They must also be CPR and First Aid Certified.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

  • Motivation, accountability, and encouragement
  • Structured workout plan
  • Quicker results
  • Sport specific needs, injury, pregnancy, etc.
  • Variety
  • Training for a special event (Wedding, race, or competition)
  • Our personal training staff includes Matt Marshall, Ben Gotwalt, Joe Sorice, Jeanean Shettel, Grant Becker and Toni Eubank
One Hour Training Packages
PackageCostCost per Session
Five Session Intro Package*$250$50
Individual Session$70$70
10 Session Package$600$60
20 Session Package$1,080$54
40 Session Package$1,920$48
45 Minute Training Packages
PackageCostCost per Session
Five Session Intro Package*$200$40
10 Session Package$460$46
20 Session Package$840$42
40 Session Package$1,520$38
30 Minute Training Packages
PackageCostCost per Session
Five Session Intro Package*$150$30
10 Session Package$400$40
20 Session Package$720$36
40 Session Package$1,080$32
Small Group Training Packages
Number of PeopleCost per HourCost per 30 Minutes

Program Design

  • One Day: $70
  • Two Day: $140
  • Three Day Split: $210

For more information about Personal Training, please fill out our contact form or call (717) 757-4833.

*Intro packages are for new training clients only. Package commitment must be made to receive package pricing. After completion, client is subject to regular rates. Client may choose to utilize intro packages from different trainers. Intro packages may not be used for program design.