Spring Speed and Agility Camp

Start Date: March 2, 2015

Camp is open to all athletes looking to improve their athletic performance. Our camp utilizes techniques backed by scientific research to improve several aspects of sports performance. Core strength, stabilization, balance, flexibility, speed, agility, power and endurance are all areas that we seek to improve in each individual through different progressions over a six to eight week period. Our training staff delivers an engaging, friendly, but competitive atmosphere that brings out the campers best effort yielding the best result possible.

Depending on the number of campers, we will offer two different times based on the age of the attendees. Our group will be held exclusively for females. Our second group will be for all the male campers. All camp sessions will be held on Monday through Thursdays with the groups starting at 4:00pm. Every camp session will run for one hour.


We have two different offerings for campers. We have a six week package and an eight week package that requires the camper to attend two sessions per week. We strongly encourage athletes to complete all eight weeks in order to reach every progression in our sports performance training model.

*We do offer a discounted rate to any Ballyhoo club sports participants or our Heritage Hills Athletic Club Members. We also can provide payment plans for any campers (non-members & members).

DescriptionCostRegister Online
6 week camp for non-member of HHAC/Ballyhoo$144Register Online
8 week camp for non-member of HHAC/Ballyhoo$192Register Online
6 week camp for member of HHAC/Ballyhoo$96Register Online
8 week camp for member of HHAC/Ballyhoo$128Register Online