Speed & Agility Training Sessions

Whether your athlete is new to sports, highly skilled and looking to advance to the next level or you’re a team wanting to develop unity and ability, we offer programs for all levels and needs.

Speed & Agility trainings are held twice a week over the course of 6 – 8 weeks.

Using proper training progressions, our certified personal trainers will create workouts featuring functional movements to target the necessary components for your group, allowing the body to move in its most efficient manner. Skills taught will transfer into each specific sport.


For improving form, body awareness, confidence and basic athletic skills

  • Ages 7 – 11
  • Features include proper running form, introduction to strength, flexibility and body control through functional movements with a focus on injury prevention


For athletes looking to develop and improve athletic performance

  • Ages 12 – 18
  • Features include improving strength, speed, agility and explosion with a focus on decreasing risk of injury


For athletes in high school, college or professional sports looking to test themselves both mentally and physically

  • Age 17+
  • Features include focus on strenuous workouts with components of strength, speed, agility and plyometric work. Athletes will also work on performance tests relative to their specific sport.

Team Performance

For any team sport

  • All ages
  • Features include improved team speed & agility, movement, endurance; unity & teamwork; recovery and nutrition tips

For more information on training sessions, contact Matt Marshall, Director of Fitness at (717) 757-4833 or fill out our contact form. For information on our Sports Academy Program, please visit BallyhooSportsAcademy.com.