About Phases Fitness

Phases Fitness is a small service based facility where our members range from people who have never worked out before to professional athletes. We currently have members, male and female, 10 years of age on up.  Our programming is individualized and designed based on the needs of each person.

Training at Phases Fitness

Our private environment allows for the needs of our members to be met on a personal level. This also creates an atmosphere where members can ask questions, get feedback, and voice concerns. We have members who claimed a big reason for not starting a fitness regimen was fear of just walking into a big gym. Add to this their fear of the unknown, too afraid to ask, and having so many people around…you get people who will never join a gym!

Due to the level of service Phases aspires to always provide, we ask our members to schedule appointments. This allows us to control the number of people in the facility at one time and it holds each member accountable to their fitness regimen. They know we are expecting them, therefore the good old saying that you will go later or tomorrow is void. Nine times out of ten, the person doesn’t go, and there is no one to notice. Our members must call to cancel and then are asked to reschedule. If they don’t show or call, the member loses their appointment and they receive a call from us. The call is one of encouragement and accountability.  At Phases, we want you to get what you pay for. We want you to get results. Accountability is key! We have often heard that the Phases membership is the closest thing you can get next to personal training.

We also have members who have attended gyms their whole life. They are comfortable in a gym setting, however they may not be seeing results, therefore they’re feeling frustrated. Phases will work for them, too! We try to help you through your journey, whatever that might be.