Amy Riley

Hi, I'm Amy

What is your “indulgent” meal?
My favorite indulgent meal he’s a big old bowl of cream of crab soup, & some fries!
What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?
When not working, I am happy you’re spending time at the beach with my husband and son.
What is your personal motto?
Live Empowered
What inspires or motivates you?
What inspires and motivates me the most, is helping others feel better, have a better quality of life & age healthier.
Why have you chosen coaching/fitness as part of your career?
I choose fitness as my career because I have struggled with my weight so much while growing up and even as an adult,I completely understand the struggle and Love being able to help others.
What sports did you play growing up?
I played volleyball & field hockey growing up.