Evan Branin

Hi, I'm Evan

What are skills or talents you have that people don’t know about you?
I’m a skilled musician, keyboard and vocalist. I currently lead the praise and worship team at my small church in Jacobus, PA!
What is your “indulgent” meal?
Any kind of pasta with sauce....and Mexican!
What do you think are the best skills you bring to HHAC/Ballyhoo?
I work well with people and love to lead and teach. I stay calm under pressure and am a good listener. These are all important skills to have in my role at HHAC.
What is a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?
I want to optimize my health to be the best it’s ever been....and continue to grow and improve my leadership skills and influence at HHAC, the community, and my church.
What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?
Walking in nature, eating, listening to music, and traveling.
Why have you chosen coaching/fitness as part of your career?
I’ve always loved to teach and motivate at a personal level. I’ve also always had a love for science and how the body works. Fitness has allowed me to combine both of those in a way that helps people. The friendships and relationships that come out of working in the business are a great perk as well!