Shelby Dietz

Hi, I'm Shelby

What are skills or talents you have that people don’t know about you?
I worked at a greenhouse when I was in college and acquired some gardening/landscaping skills.
What is your “indulgent” meal?
Pizza or pasta followed up with cake and ice cream...yum!
What do you think are the best skills you bring to HHAC/Ballyhoo?
Customizing workout plans. I work with any age group, athletic ability, injury or illness.
What is a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?
I would like to become a better athlete especially in the sport of rock climbing.
What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?
Spending time with family, being outdoors, and cooking.
What are some causes you care about?
I care about the environment and animals. I love nature!
What is your personal motto?
Taking charge of your health is empowering! One of the most important keys to success is consistency.
What inspires or motivates you?
Watching someone overcome adversity to become stronger.
Who is your favorite sports hero?
I have a collective group of sports heroes. The American Ninja Warriors are my favorite athletes to watch. Some of them have amazing stories of overcoming adversity and I am fascinated by their strength and athleticism.
Do you prefer team or individual sports and why?
Individual because success or failure is not dependent on others.
What sport did you wish you knew how to play well?
I wish I was an amazing rock climber.
Who or what inspired you as a young athlete?
As a young athlete, I was not as motivated as I could have been. My sport, lacrosse, involved a lot of running which I did not like. I probably would have enjoyed a sport like gymnastics or rock climbing.
Why have you chosen coaching/fitness as part of your career?
I enjoy teaching others how to take control of their health with exercise and nutrition.
Who has influenced your coaching career?
I come from an athletic family. My parents both taught phys ed and I spent a good amount of my childhood outdoors, hiking, biking, camping and enjoying nature. This idea of becoming stronger to be able to compete in life's activities is important to me. With regards to learning how to lift, Evan Branin introduced me to lifting and was my trainer for many years. He encouraged me to get my certification to help others.