Wiffleball League at HHAC

Monday Nights Starting June 26th at Heritage Hills Athletic Club

  • League starts Monday nights at 6:00PM
  • 8 GAME season.
  • The 9th game will be a championship GAME based off of best regular season record. (1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, etc..)
  • Adult Open League (Under 18 must complete a waiver)
  • $125 Entry Fee Per Team
  • View Schedule Online
  • Registration Deadline Monday June 19th – Register Online 

Rules & Regulations – View Complete Rules

Minimum 5 Player Roster Maximum 10 Player Roster 10 Runs Per Inning
3 outs per inning. 7 Inning Games. HHAC will provide Bats and Balls. MUST USE HHAC Equipment
Games will be 40 minutes in length. If in fact the game has not concluded within the 40 minutes the home team will have a final chance to bat, and then the game will finish. Strike Zone: The “Strike Zone Object” will be placed behind home plate. If the pitcher throws the pitch and it hits the “SZO” it will be deemed a strike. If the Pitcher throws the pitch and the Batter Swings and misses, but the pitcher hit the “SZO” the batter will result in an out. (3 strikes otherwise)
There are NO walks by hit batter. There will be four pitch walks. NO FASTBALLS (use judgement) Home runs allowed